Aluminium casting plants

Aluminium casting plants

Get high quality aluminum for parts manufacturing

Our smart casting plants, meet the exigent market specifications for complex and top quality aluminium components.

PRIME is the fully automated solution for casting plants, with guarantees of minimum energy consumption and metal yield over 99,5%*. We develop integral solutions together with our customers to increase the profitability and efficiency of their aluminium casting plants, fully integrated in the 4.0 industry.

*With primary aluminium ingots as raw material

Plantas para fabricación de lingotes y aluminio liquido

High performance and
sustainable casting plants


Automatic skimming machine

Allows the automation of the cleaning and skimming process of the melting towers and holding furnaces, resulting in high quality metal and minimum maintenance costs.


Continuous loading system

Provides autonomy to the continuous loading process of ingots and/or baskets, thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of the furnaces.


Melting tower

The most efficient furnace for melting aluminum ingots and medium size returns, with metal yield exceeding 99%.


Reverberatory holding furnace

Specifically designed for receiving, holding, alloying and preparing high quality aluminium.

Prime catalogue

The key equipment of the PRIME plants are the melting towers, with high perfomance and energy efficiency, designed for melting ingots, returns or medium size clean scrap.

Its operating principle is based on the heat transmission from the combustion fumes to the aluminium that is loaded through the top of the hopper. As the fumes pass through the aluminium load, it is heated, dried and finally descends to the bottom of the tower, where it is completely melted.

The cleaning door of our melting towers, covers the entire width of the melting chamber, and together with the automatic skimming system, allow an easier and safer accesibility and therefore an improved cleaning operation. This results in high quality aluminium, lower maintenance costs and a longer life-time of the furnace.

Our smart plants include auxiliary equipment, such as loading systems and skimming machines that improve and make easier the operation of the plant.

The molten aluminium from the melting tower is transfered to the holding furnaces, where it is alloyed and the chemical composition is homogenised.

Finally, the metal is poured into transport ladles to continue with the next steps of the casting process.

The Prime Casting plants are completely Smart and designed to be integrated in the 4.0 Industry with the Beyond platform.

Digitized plants

We incorporate 4.0 industry solutions, offering equipment with the
latest technology and Smart Maintenance Service.

Value proposal

Maximum metal yield


We guarantee a metal yield of 99,5%* with primary ingot as raw material and minimum oxidation losses in the furnaces.

Energy efficiency


We guarantee a consumption of 65 Nm3/t with primary ingot as raw material in the melting towers. The achieved energy efficiency is similar to the obtained in furnaces with regenerative burners.

High productivity


We design high capacity furnaces and our smart plants include auxiliary equipment, such as continuous loading systems and skimming machines that improve the operation of the plant, thus ensuring the maximum melting rate of the furnaces.

Safety for workers


Fully automated plants that require minimum manual labors.

High quality aluminium


The design of our furnaces and the automation of the loading and skimming process, allow an optimum cleaning operation. The uniformity and homogenity of the aluminum with the porous plugs technology results in top quality aluminium.

4.0 Industry


Fully automated plants, Smart process control and preventive maintenance with the Beyond platform. Win-Win projects based in 4.0 industry solutions.

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