Melting and Holding Furnaces

Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnaces

For melting and holding aluminium, GHI has developed a wide range of own-technology furnaces that can be adapted for specific applications and customer requirements. Which equipment is chosen depends on type of load (ingots, scrap, etc.), process, etc.

Types of aluminium melting and holding furnaces:

Top loading circular furnace offering ideal features for mass melting of aluminium scrap.

The smelter is a compact, highly efficient furnace for melting medium size ingots and swarf.

Front loading furnace for scrap, easy access to bath for cleaning, and production of high-quality metal.

Reverberatory furnaces specifically designed for receiving, holding, alloying and preparing molten aluminium.

Reverberatory furnaces with sidewell including agitation system, either electromechanical or electromagnetic, generating a vortex which efficiently submerges the melting load and directs it towards the melting chamber.

Furnace specifically designed for primary aluminium alloying with back-tilting and bath agitation systems for producing high-quality metal.

Specialised furnace for melting low-grade scrap and recovering aluminium from dross.

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