Tilting rotary furnace

Tilting Rotary Furnace for Melting Aluminium

Higher efficiency and lower contamination

For low-grade scrap recovery, we have developed this new concept in rotary melting furnaces which provides profitable metal yields and produces significantly lower contaminant waste than traditional models, which produce high amounts of waste salts.

Instalación horno rotativo

Value proposition

The amount of salts required in the process can be reduced by 50% compared to other types of rotary industrial furnace.

Oxy-fuel burners produce a high-intensity flame and better transmission of heat to load.

Cheaper cost of fume collection and filtration equipment, since fewer combustion gases are produced.

The tilting body of the furnace makes it easier to empty and clean.

Main features

Capacity Up to 65 tonnes
Melting rate Up to 15 tonnes/hour

Auxiliary equipment

Fume collection system

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