Melting and Refining Furnaces

Furnaces for Melting and Refining Iron and Steel

Melting metals can be considered the first stage of heat application in metallurgical industries. GHI designs and installs arc furnaces for the steel refining process, ladle furnaces, AOD converters and auxiliary equipment used to obtain ordinary or special steels using scrap or pre-reduced pellets.

Types of furnaces for melting and refining iron and steel

Equipment for processing molten steel from the electric arc furnace, by means of injecting oxygen and argon.

Electric arc furnaces are used to obtain steel or stainless steel using scrap and ferroalloys, by melting the load using an electric arc with graphite electrodes.

We design and build furnaces for refining and adjusting the composition of molten steel through electric arc reheating of molten steel contained in ladles.

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