Heat Treatment Furnaces

Aluminium Heat Treatment Furnaces

GHI has developed furnaces specifically for heat treating aluminium, adapted to the needs of our customers and meeting the stringent specifications and certifications of the different sectors we work for. There are a large variety of furnaces for annealing aluminium and other metals, the features of which are dictated essentially by the type of load being treated, which can be sheets, billets, coils, die-cast parts, wire rod, profiles, etc.

Types of furnace for heat treating aluminium

Chamber furnaces for homogenising and intermediate or final annealing of aluminium coils in the rolling process.

Pusher or chamber furnaces for homogenising and/or heating sheets prior to rolling.

Chamber furnaces for curing aluminium profiles.

Raised chamber furnaces for solubilizing and curing die-cast aluminium parts.

Chamber furnaces with automatic loading system for homogenising aluminium billets.

We can supply different types of furnace: trolley, loading machine or semi-continuous, for annealing, solubilization and/or curing rolls of aluminium alloy wire rod.

Continuous and semi-continuous lines for solubilizing, quenching and curing aluminium wheel rims.

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