GHI history

Founded in 1937, GHI Industrial Furnaces is a family-run engineering company in Biscay which designs, manufactures and installs facilities for melting, heat treating and heating any type of metal. Over our 80 years of existence, we have supplied equipment for customers in various sectors: aluminium production, automotive, aeronautical, railway, steelworks, renewable energies, etc.

GHI main milestones and projects

Business milestones

Project milestones

Creation of Guinea Hermanos Ingenieros, S.A. company

1 January, 1937

Manufacture of first electric furnace

1 January, 1938

Equipment exported to South America for the first time

3 October, 1950

First heat treatment plant in Europe

30 November, 1953

Full computerisation of projects department, using CAD

4 October, 1983

Creation of GECSA company

4 October, 1987

First furnace for hot-stamping sliding beams

14 February, 2015

Concentration of Group ownership

4 October, 2015

Supply of world’s largest tilting rotary furnace

3 November, 2016

GHI celebrates its 80th anniversary

4 October, 2017

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