Iron and Steel

Industrial Furnaces for Iron and Steel

Since we started out in this line of business, we have developed innumerable industrial furnaces for smelting iron and steel; furnaces for melting and refining, heating and treating. The major difference between today’s furnaces and furnaces in the past is connectivity, essential for improving performance and for carrying out preventive and predictive maintenance.

Types of industrial furnaces for smelting iron and steel

Furnaces for melting iron and steel using scrap and ferroalloys, and refining furnaces for processing the molten steel from the melting furnace.

Continuous and discontinuous furnaces for heating steel parts prior to their forging or rolling, and for heating and subsequent quenching.

These types of furnaces are used to produce all sorts of parts: bars, tubes, large parts, screws, nuts and bolts, automotive parts, etc.

The same as for any other furnace, auxiliary equipment is an important component for being able to work and handle material quickly and safely.

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