Coil heat treatment

Aluminium Coil Heat Treatment Furnace

High-precision load temperature and evenness

Aluminium coil furnaces are used for intermediate or final annealing of aluminium coils in rolling processes.

They enable the highest possible load heating speed to be combined with no overheating of any part of the load. For this purpose, sheets of liquid are generated in circulation, air or protective atmosphere, which impinge directly at high speed at a pre-set angle on the lateral faces of the coils.

Instalación tratamiento bobinas

Value proposition

High degree of tightness minimises consumption of protective atmosphere gas.

High-precision temperature and evenness across entire load.

Multiple furnaces can be served by the same loading and unloading machine, so the load transfer system can be shared.

Fully automated installations.



Main features

Capacity Up to 100 tonnes
Layouts In one or two lines with reversible loading machine
Types Single or double row of coils
Heating Gas, electric or combined gas-electric

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