AOD converter

AOD Converter Furnace for Refining Iron and Steel

Pinpoint precision in steel composition

These tilting converter furnaces have been designed to process molten steel from the electric arc furnace. This process is called argon oxygen decarburization (AOD).

It is an automated process with mathematical control of gas flows, quantity and type of materials for alloying and processing times, based on sampling and temperatures and governed by the special type of steel to be manufactured.
The molten steel is heated by the energy released by exothermal chemical reactions during the process.


Value proposition

Dilution with argon minimises the undesired oxidation of precious elements in special steels, such as chromium.

Pinpoint accuracy in chemistry control to obtain the desired carbon levels.

Rapid desulphurisation to minimum values.

Maximum elimination of lead.

Minimum hydrogen values in the steel.

AOD technology gives higher quality to parts, thus preventing defective parts from being produced and drops in production.

Auxiliary equipment

Lime and alloying agent loaders

Emergency injection lance

Access platform for taking temperature and samples

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