Reverberatory melting furnace

Reverberatory Melting Furnace for Melting Aluminium

Easy loading and cleaning

Highly suitable for melting and holding aluminium scrap. Its efficiency is based on melting aluminium scrap through heat reflected from the furnace walls and ceiling, and the convection effect through contact with the hot fumes produced by combustion.

Reverberatory furnaces can be static or tilting, can have sidewells, conventional doors or whole-wall doors for access to the entire width of the chamber. They can be fitted with porous plugs and agitation systems to optimise the quality and evenness of the molten aluminium.

Horno de reverbero

Value proposition

Open front gives easy access for cleaning and de-drossing the entire chamber, which optimises finished product quality.

Easy loading and cleaning using dedicated machines.

Large items of scrap can be loaded.

Tilting type offers high-precision feeding of all types of casting machines.

Main features

Capacity Up to 100 tonnes
Melting rate Up to 15 tonnes/hour
Types Static and tilting
Configurations Rectangular and oval

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