Aluminium Smelter

Aluminium Smelter

Optimum heat use and self-operation

A smelter is a furnace for melting aluminium or aluminium alloy ingots or medium size scrap. It is used both in foundries and in plants for recovering secondary aluminium. It can be added to an existing plant to increase melting capacity. Flue loading aluminium melting furnaces make optimal use of heat from fumes, and loads descend evenly to the high-temperature zone.

By using systems with a stock of baskets or stacks, and sometimes return of empty baskets, it requires minimum worker involvement for loading.

Torre fusora
Instalación de Horno de torres fusoras

Value proposition

High thermal performance.

High production in small spaces.

Fully automated loading and self-operational (optional).

Minimum worker involvement.

Minimal oxidation losses.

Premium-quality clean metal obtained.

Main features

Smelter Up to 6 tonnes/hour

Auxiliary equipment

Automated loading system

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