Top loading furnace

Top Loading Circular Furnace for Melting Aluminium

Highly robust and reliable

Circular furnace offering ideal features for mass melting of aluminium scrap and alloys. Extremely robust equipment with superb melting speeds.
The furnace opens at the top by means of a mechanism integrated with the chamber, which raises and swings out the domed lid so that scrap can be loaded in very quickly from baskets. This reduces the downtime that can sometimes occur when the dome lid is raised and swung out by a separate mechanism.

Horno de Carga Superior

Value proposition

Minimum loading time, so better use of furnace.

Very large, heavy items of scrap can be loaded.

High specific production levels.

Excellent energy efficiency.

Main features

Capacity Melting rate
Melting rate Up to 20 tonnes/hour
Types Static and tilting

Auxiliary equipment

Launder system

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