Reverberatory furnace for primary aluminium

Reverberatory Furnace for Primary Aluminium Melting

Double tilting axis

At GHI, we have developed a type of furnace specifically for receiving and holding primary aluminium and for feeding the casting machine which turns this molten metal into the finished product manufactured by the primary aluminium plant.

It is a variation on the reverberatory melting-holding furnace, adapted for the typical working conditions in a bauxite reduction plant. Tilting type, but with the difference that it has a double tilting axis: normal tilting on the axis near the taphole for feeding the downstream machine, and back-tilting on the second axis located near the door line. The latter type of movement facilitates easy and safe access for cleaning out all the contaminant agents coming from the electrolysis cell.

It includes specific intakes for molten metal, with lids which ensure furnace chamber tightness. In addition, it has bath agitation systems which improve the composition and temperature evenness of the alloy required.

Instalación de horno de reverbero

Value proposition

Its back-tilting mechanism and open front facilitate good access to the furnace chamber for cleaning and de-drossing, which optimises finished product quality.

High-precision feeding of all types of casting machines, and evenness of composition and temperature.

Main features

Capacity Up to 100 tonnes
Melting rate Up to 8 tonnes/hour

Auxiliary equipment

Ladle tilting mechanism for receiving molten metal

Gas collection system

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