Reverberatory holding furnace

Reverberatory Holding Furnace for Melting Aluminium

Alloy preparation

Reverberatory furnaces specifically designed for receiving, holding, alloying and preparing molten aluminium.
Tilting furnaces that may be rectangular with front opening, or oval with main opening, for easier cleaning and alloy preparation operations.

They have dedicated molten metal intakes. They are in addition fitted with porous plugs to optimise the quality, even composition and temperature of the alloy required.


Value proposition

Some furnace types have an open front, which allows access to the entire chamber for cleaning and de-drossing operations, thus optimising finished product quality.

High-precision feeding of all types of casting machines.

Even temperature and composition of the alloy required results in high-quality metal.

Main features

Capacity Up to 100 tonnes
Configurations Rectangular and oval

Auxiliary equipment

Ladle tilting mechanism for receiving molten metal

Launder system

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