GHI presents the Aluminium Recycling Plant of the Future

GHI presents the Aluminium Recycling Plant of the Future

GHI presents the Aluminium Recycling Plant of the Future

The world leaders has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. Governments are progressively increasing green taxes and launching incentive schemes to encourage change towards climate neutrality.

To produce aluminium 4.0 we need fully digitalised and sensorised equipment to obtain total control over the plant’s emissions, while also ensuring efficiency in its operation.Equipment powered by clean energies such as green hydrogen and renewable electricity. The recycling of both salts and slag, the treatment of fumes and effluents, etc. are the way to reach zero waste plants.

With this objective in mind, at GHI we are working on the Plant of the Future, which is already, to a large extent, a reality.

Reforzamos nuestra expansión mexicana con la ampliación de la planta fusora de Fracsa

Integral solution

Carbon dioxide emission rights prices in some countries have increased five-fold in recent years and governments are increasing green taxes to force clean technologies to be used.

These include renewable energy and green hydrogen and launching subsidy schemes for R&D and investments in recycling assets driving additional benefits in terms of resource efficiency, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

With these investments and taxes, in 5 years’ time, melting aluminum using hydrogen as fuel could be cheaper than using natural gas.

Reinventing aluminium recycling plants

The aluminum recycling plant of the future must combine decarbonization targets with the principles of the circular economy.


Clean renewable energy is used to feed an electrolyzer to generate hydrogen and oxygen.

To recycle post-consumer scrap, tilting rotary furnaces and vortex furnaces with delacquering systems are powered with this low-carbon fuel. Hydrogen will replace natural gas to drive down CO2 emissions.

Holding and alloying furnaces use renewable electricity as heating medium.


The plant recycles and treats all its by-products such as dross, salt slag cakes and generated fumes to create zero waste circular plants through sustainable methods of producing aluminum alloys.

Total circularity is the obvious way forward and we  are already driving the transformation.


The plant of the future uses machine learning technologies to propose end-to-end solutions with cutting edge facilities that improve cast house operations.

More than 10 thousand data per second are captured in the plant, stored, and processed to simulate and predict the performance with a digital twin.

Join us on the path to making this smart and clean future a reality.



  • Fully automated and sensorised plant
  • Hydrogen or renewable energy fuelled furnaces
  • Use of environmentally friendly hydrogen burners
  • 4.0 technology
  • Zero emission of polluting gases
  • Maximum metal yield combined with minimum energy consumption

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