Zinc Coil Manufacturing Plants

Zinc Coil Manufacturing Plants

Rapid coil heating

In a zinc melting plant, production of zinc strips starts with melting zinc ingots in a channel induction furnace. The same furnace is also used to melt down coil offcuts.
The liquid produced is then transferred to a continuous casting machine where it is solidified into a strip of a given thickness. Vigorous cooling in the machine produces a thin, even solidified structure. The strip is then heated evenly in convection furnaces and undergoes continuous rolling in three to five passes to obtain the final thickness required. Rolling temperature and speed and the reduction rate in each pass are precisely controlled so that the specified size and mechanical features are obtained.
At GHI, we design and supply the furnaces and auxiliary equipment for the production process, both for the foundry area and for the heating area for rolling.

planta zinc
Planata para cátodos de zinc
Planata para bobinas de zinc

Value proposition of this plant

Quality and even temperature in the metal obtained, by using induction furnaces for melting and alloying.

Equipment that heats coils rapidly at highly precise and even temperature.

Jointly engineered by all the stakeholders in the process, the aim being to find the solution that best meets the customer’s current and future needs.

Energy-efficient equipment.

A high degree of process automation permitting high production levels and minimum human involvement.

A management and control system which permits process variables to be monitored, thus offering possibilities for control and continuous improvement.

Corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance; SAT and Services 4.0.

Equipment in this plant

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