Zinc Coil Heating Furnaces

Zinc Coil Heating Furnace

Rapid heating

GHI designs, manufactures and commissions furnaces for heating zinc band coils.
They heat the load evenly and optimise heating time without creating hot points. To achieve this, circulating laminar air flows impinge at high speed and a predetermined angle on the lateral faces of the coil.


Value proposition

High precision temperature and evenness across entire load.

High-speed heating through powerful air recirculation.

A wide variety of coil sizes and weights can be processed.

Multiple furnaces can be served by a single loading and unloading system, so the load transfer system can be shared.

Main features

ApplicationsZinc band coil preheating prior to rolling
CapacityOne or several coils
ConfigurationFront or top loading
HeatingRadiant tubes by natural gas combustion
Process controlRecipes and different recipe segments with temperatures and times can be programmed

Auxiliary equipment

Loading machine

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