Cathode Melting Furnaces

Furnace for Melting Cathodes

Excellent temperature uniformity

GHI has designed FNA channel induction furnaces for melting cathodes. They are stationary furnaces, the molten zinc being transferred into the alloying furnace by means of pumps. Induction heating minimises dross production.
Use of Jet Flow inductors results in highly even temperatures, both in channels and zinc bath.
The furnace can be fitted with a tilting system to facilitate changing inductors.


Value proposition

Induction heating minimises dross production.

Highly even temperature in bath.

Robust design of inductor lining.

Automatic control of process temperature to prevent overheating.

Main features

CapacityUp to 100 tonnes
ApplicationsFurnaces for melting zinc cathodes.
Inductor coolingAir or water cooled

Auxiliary equipment

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