Zinc Cathode Melting Plants

Zinc Cathode Melting Plant

Obtaining high-quality zinc ingots

The first stage in production of zinc strips is melting 99.9% pure metal, obtained from cathodes during electrolysis. An automated loading system is used to place the cathodes in the induction furnace, and the molten alloy is prepared in the same furnace or in others by controlled addition of alloying agents. Once the zinc has melted, it is transferred to casting machines where the different commercial forms of zinc and zinc alloys required by the market are produced.
At GHI, we design and supply the furnaces and auxiliary equipment for the production process.

Planata para cátodos de zinc
Planata para bobinas de zinc
planta zinc

Value proposition of this plant

Quality and even temperature in the metal obtained, by using induction furnaces for melting and alloying.

Jointly engineered by all the stakeholders in the process, the aim being to find the solution that best meets the customer’s current and future needs.

Energy-efficient equipment.

A high degree of process automation permitting high production levels and minimum human involvement.

A management and control system which permits process variables to be monitored, thus offering possibilities for control and continuous improvement.

Corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance; SAT and Services 4.0.

Equipment in this plant

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