Iron Foundry

Iron Foundry

Highly automated foundries

Plants for producing small or medium amounts of cast iron and molten steel, subsequently used to manufacture small and medium size die-cast parts. The finished products are usually die-cast parts for the automotive industry, or grey and nodular cast iron.
In addition to the melting area, these plants have highly automated heat treatment lines that only require worker involvement for the initial loading stage.

Planta de fundición de hierro
proceso de afino y fundición
horno rotativo

Iron casting process

Value proposition of this plant

Modular plants that can be expanded to meet customer requirements.

Highly automated.

GHI has extensive experience in the installation of these types of plant.

Equipment in this plant

Melting and refining process

Induction furnace

Heat treatment process and quenching

Tempering furnace

Automatic operation trolley quenching furnace

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