Aeronautical Parts Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing Plant for Aluminium Parts for Aeronautical Applications

Automated Treatment Cells

At GHI, we design and supply the equipment for automated heat treatment cells for solubilizing and tempering sheet metal intended for use in the aeronautical industry.


Plant certifications

Manufacturing process for aeronautical parts

Value proposition for this plant

Modular design for installation which, through adding new furnaces or equipment which operate independently, permits gradual production increases.

High-performance aluminium alloys are obtained for use in critical applications.

Jointly engineered by all the stakeholders in the process, the aim being to find the solution that best meets the customer’s current and future needs.

A high degree of process automation permitting high production levels and minimum human involvement.

Energy-efficient equipment.

Compliance with requirements and certifications in aeronautical sector.

A management and control system which permits process variables to be monitored, thus offering possibilities for control and continuous improvement.

Corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance; SAT and Services 4.0.

Equipment in this plant

Heat treatment process

Ageing furnace

Auxiliary equipment

Rinsing machine

Degreasing machine

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