Furnaces for heat treating large parts

Furnaces for Heat Treating Large Iron and Steel Parts

Adapted to accommodate all types of volume

Chamber furnaces which, given their dimensions, must have loading and unloading equipment. Therefore, depending on the size of parts, they are equipped either with a loading machine or a roller hearth, able to handle large parts with different cross-sections and lengths. They are used for heat treatment processes, quenching, normalizing, tempering, annealing, etc., of ferrous materials.

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Depending on the type of furnace, once parts have been loaded into it completely automatically, the heat treatment selected begins. Heating is usually done by high-speed burners which facilitate heating and temperature uniformity.

Value proposition

Automated load handling.

Parts treated at highly even temperatures.

Wide variety of heat treatments.

Loading machine increases installation efficiency.

Eliminates risk of incorrect manoeuvres and the damage they cause.

Shorter downtime for maintenance and repairs.



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