Countless attendances at the GHI stand at Thermprocess (GIFA) in Dusseldorf

Countless attendances at the GHI stand at Thermprocess (GIFA) in Dusseldorf

Countless attendances at the GHI stand at Thermprocess (GIFA) in Dusseldorf

Between June 25th and 29th, GHI Smart Furnaces assisted to Düsseldorf for the event “The Bright World of Metals”, as an exhibitor and also as speaker of the Symposium organized in parallel. It was five days of intense business activity in which GHI Smart Furnaces strengthened its relationship with international customers and established numerous new contacts.

THERMPROCESS together with GIFA, METEC and NEWCAST form the quartet of fairs “The Brilliant World of Metals”, one of the most important fairs of the world metallurgical industry. In this edition there were a greater number of professional visitors of high level, in great majority, foreigners.

A large number of foreign visitors were interested in the innovations presented at the GHI booth: the digitization, represented by the Beyond platform and our Aluminum Recycling Plants, RECYCALL. These were the main topics of interviews and conversations.

Success factors: international recognition and decision-making

The twelve pavilions in Düsseldorf where the fair took place were characterized by a very dynamic environment, marked by a large number of investments, spontaneous commercial agreements and a lively exchange and transfer of knowledge between exhibitors and professional visitors.

It is noteworthy that, once again, its international character has intensified in relation to previous editions, reaching a quota of 70% among exhibitors. In this edition, 2,360 exhibitors from around the world participated and 72,500 people from 118 countries visited the fair: India and China are ahead, followed by Italy, Turkey, Japan, France and Russia.



GHI Smart Furnaces participated in the Thermprocess Symposium with the conference: “Intelligent Plants for Aluminum Recycling”, by our partner Surya Romero. At our booth at Pavilion 10, we introduced Recycall, our fully smart and automated aluminum recycling plant using the Beyond 4.0 platform, as well as success stories of smart industrial furnaces, including the world’s largest rotary furnace.