Furnace for heating forged parts

Furnace for Heating Iron and Steel Forged Parts

High efficiency at high temperature

Rectangular chamber furnaces for heating steel parts prior to forging.

The forging furnace can accommodate many types of load of different diameters and lengths, which can be arranged on the fixed hearth in the most appropriate way for optimising the heating process. The front of the furnace has a guillotine door closure system.

Heating can be done using efficient heat recovery burners such as regenerative burners, which significantly reduce the installation’s energy consumption.

calentamiento de forja

Value proposition

Furnaces for all shapes and sizes of forged parts.

Low heat consumption.

Controlled oxidation of load.

Recipes that can be programmed for controlled heating.


Main features

CapacityUp to 200 tonnes
Maximum temperatureUp to 1300 ºC
HeatingRegenerative burners

Auxiliary equipment

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