Balance 2018: important technological challenges overcome

Balance 2018: important technological challenges overcome


Balance 2018: important technological challenges overcome



2018, the year in which we celebrate 81 years of history, has been full of activity in GHI Smart Furnaces, from the business, commercial and technological development points of view.

This year we have developed several technological milestones: “On Stamp”, the furnace for hot stamping in patent process by GHI, is already a reality in the most diverse parts of the world.

“Recycall”, the complete plants for aluminium recycling  designed by GHI are already an important and real part of our  market proposition.

We have beaten, for the second time, a world record with the construction the world’s biggest rotary tilting furnace for aluminium recycling that is already working according to expectations.

During this year, we have continued with our internalization process in strategic markets and we have expanded our commercial presence in India, China, Mexico, Brazil and Iran.

We have advanced in the development of our “Beyond4.0” platform, with an after-sales 4.0 service, which allows the precise identification of failures and performing predictive maintenance, which allows our technicians to perform diagnostics from GHI and develop solutions based on reliable historical data, thus guaranteeing the performance of the equipment throughout its useful life.

In this year we have continued with the renewal of our workforce: more than 25 new employees have joined our company. We continue betting on the development of new technologies and have actively participated in several R + D + i projects for the development and improvement of our equipment. We have also updated our information systems with the implementation of RPS and Solidworks.

Finally, we have adopted the lean methodology in our workshop and we have undertaken the renovation of our facilities, both in the workshop, which we have completely renovated, and in the offices, in which the ground floor has already been renovated.

We hope that next year comes loaded with many projects through which we can grow and collaborate with customers, suppliers and friends.